Autumn Equinox - Preparing for Change

Autumn Leaf

Today is officially the first day of autumn. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this is the season for letting go, a time for discernment and clarity of purpose, a time to clean out and clear out those things in our lives that no longer contribute to health and balance. Autumn is a “transition” season, by that I mean a time when we move from a period of utmost warmth and activity to a time of colder temperatures and stillness. Just as nature begins to prepare for the winter months to come, so do our bodies, our vital energies begin to circulate deeper into the organ systems to guard against colder temperatures. Our health is directly tied to our relationship with the environment. To maintain health and balance, one’s lifestyle should be adjusted to reflect the seasonal change. Here are some tips for a healthy autumn.

Seasonal Detoxification

A food based detox is especially helpful in the transition seasons and autumn is the perfect time to for a detox to help protect and prepare the lungs and large intestines for winter while giving your immune system a boost. To learn more about Fall Detox click here.

Let Go

Not only is this the perfect time to detox the body, but also your environment. Fall is the time to let go of things you no longer need. A deep fall cleaning at home to de-clutter your surroundings and make your home comfortable for winter. Also, let go of any negative thoughts that keep you from achieving your goals, release past hurts and prepare for the winter season of deep contemplation and revitalization so that in the spring you can begin anew.

Eat Warm Foods

After a good seasonal detox, stock the cupboards with more warming foods. Instead of all the raw fruits and salads of summer, eat more nuts, root vegetables, cooked soups and stews. Add warming spices such as garlic, ginger, horseradish, cloves and cinnamon. These foods have been shown to help protect one against colds and flus.

Dress Warm & Well

As the temperatures start to drop, it is important to stay warm. Put away the sandles and wear shoes and socks that cover the feet. Use a scarf to cover the neck and stay sufficiently covered while exercising outdoors. Leaving one’s body exposed to the elements, especially while sweating, has been shown to weaken the immune system and lead to colds, flus, headaches and sinus infections.

Prepare Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

Study after study shows that for every medication out there, there is an herbal equivalent that works just as well with fewer side effects. This is the time to stock up on herbal decongestants, antivirals, antibiotics, anti-nausea herbs and natural pain relievers. Our office carries a variety of effective and affordable herbal formulas.